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The Myanmarican

Part 1: The Dream


The Myanmarican - Part 1 - back cover Print May 13

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Original Video from a successful Kickstarter social funding campaign that raised pledges for the creation of part 1 of this memoir. It was that support from around the world that made this memoir and website possible.

The lessons from Myanmar of timeless principles

Modern Theravada Buddhism

Application without mysticism

The Human Mind is a Biological Computer

Buddha cropped

We are human animals with biological computers that use: energy, five sensory inputs, computational thought with programming that is susceptible to viruses and anti-viruses. We must learn how we learn and falsely establish world view patterns and brands that are in error due to our limited senses and invalidated instantly by the passing of time.

Time is only now

dads watch cropped

We are only now – Our history is just a record¬† – Our future is just a hope. If you are reading this you have a terminal affliction – birth. We should all live like we are dying….. because we are. It’s just a matter of time.

Omission minimizes empathy

three monkies

The news media reports focus our minds on singular events, but each minute 251 babies were born and 106 people died. Some peacefully and some violently, but most with loved ones that felt the new beginnings and endings. What you see is not all there is to be seen. Daily we make this conscious omission and it minimizes our empathy for mankind.

Mind objects are illusions

wheel with shadow

Mind objects or brands exist only in your mind and are distortions of reality. The modern world purposely creates illusions for consumer goods, political candidates, companies, governments and even human races.

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