UJG Mountains head shtoU Jon Gyi is an American who has been a successful Power generation / Aerospace Manufacturing Engineer, an award-winning singer/songwriter/composer/sound engineer and director. In addition, he is an award-winning Myanmar marketing executive. During his 25-year career in power generation, U Jon Gyi was the Manager of strategic planning and new product development at Alstom, and later a Program Manager at the Global Repair Technology Center at General Electric.

At SAIL Group of companies in Myanmar, he was the Chairmen and CEO as he grew the company from 4 employees to over 100 with 12 offices and 6 groups for Creative, Marketing, Television Production, Sound Production and Media planning & buying and research. He re-established SAIL, Myanmar’s first advertising agency, by working in critical roles developing and implementing the strategic, creative and communication deliveries of companies at the forefront of the West’s return to Myanmar.

Living in and out of Myanmar since 2001, U Jon Gyi has gained a following drawn to his unique perspective that blends the worlds of art, science and humanity. U Jon Gyi’s first solo album sold over 80,000 VCDs nationwide in Myanmar. He is recognized by international clients and agencies as an expert in contemporary Myanmar culture and creating effective communication strategies.Smarty J sidecar

U Jon Gyi is a follower of Theravada Buddhism and currently lives in Yangon Myanmar with his rescued dog, Smarty Jones from  Glenwood Springs, Colorado.