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This page is for my over 506,000 fans, followers and friends in Myanmar or anywhere else! The items posted here are copyrighted in America and are covered by worldwide agreements on intellectual property. Please respect my ownership. In addition to the book, my songs are not copy songs these are original own tunes that are inspired by my time with Myanmar since 2002.

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Latest Burmese language Copy Chapters 1,2,3,4 AND 5! (updated July 22, 2018)

Click here to download chapters 1,2,3,4 and 5 ==> U-Jon-Gyi-22The-Myanmarican22-chapters-1-2-3-4-5-Burmese.pdf (128050 downloads)

Burmese language Copy of  Chapters 1,2,3 And 4! (updated June 25, 2018)

Click here to download chapters 1,2,3,4 ==> U-Jon-Gyi-22The-Myanmarican22-chapters-1-2-3-4-Burmese.pdf (33845 downloads)

Burmese language Copy of chapters 1,2,3 and of  “The Myanmarican”  by U Jon Gyi 

Click here to download chapters 1,2,3 ==> U-Jon-Gyi-22The-Myanmarican22-chapters-1-2-3-Burmese.pdf (127469 downloads)

“Myanmar Christmas” Dec 2018 – U Jon Gyi’s cover of a Christmas classic – “Have yourself a merry little Christmas” 

Free to download MP3 here ==> Myanmar-Christmas-U-Jon-Gyi.mp3 (75 downloads)

From U Jon Gyi’s 2017 Music Album “eight” over 25,000 sold

Available online itunes and Amazon and in 125 Myanmar shops here ==> U-Jon-gyi-22eight22-CD-shop-list.pdf (2560 downloads)

Album Lyrics in one PDF. Click here ==>  U-Jon-Gyi-Eight-Lyrics-for-censorship-April-18.pages.pdf (41469 downloads)

“My home is Yangon” – Demo from 2017 album “eight”

Here is one of my own demo productions that I made myself starting in 2008 when I was about to return to Myanmar from America. The lyric “…this song just came to me…” is very true. The very first composition took about 20 minutes and I just freestyled the lyrics. They are the same lyrics today. This is the final demo of my own sound recording and mixing with a few additional programmed sounds from my very good musician friend in Yangon -Wunna (thanks for that kick-ass bass beat!). The studio musician produced version can be heard on my new album “eight”. I honestly don’t know which one I like better! Let me know! I hope you like it! Feel free to download and share … but let them know it’s U Jon GYI!!!!

Click here for “Yangon is my home demo” music mp3 ==>  U-Jon-Gyi-Demo-Yangon-is-my-home-july-2013-r2.mp3 (3100 downloads)

Click here for music lyrics pdf format ==>  Pg3-၈-U-Jon-Gyi-Eight-Lyrics-April-17-2017.jpg (307 downloads)

U Jon Gyi’s 2010 – 2012 Hit Music & DVD Album “Pay May Yu Mah Lah”  – Over 97,000 Sold in Myanmar

Track 1 “Ain Pyan Lah May” (I’m Coming Home) ==>  Ain-Pyan-Lah-May-Track-1-Pay-May-Yu-Mah-lah-Album.mp3 (602 downloads)

Track 2 ” Pay May Yu Mah Lah” (Share with me) ==>  Pay-May-Yu-Mah-Lah-Track-2-Pay-May-Yu-Mah-lah-album-Album.mp3 (360 downloads)

Track 3 “Mingalar” (Blessed or Good for you) ==>  Mingalar-Track-3-Album-Pay-May-yu-mah-lah-.mp3 (349 downloads)

Track 4 – Acoustic “Ain Pyan Lah May” (I’m Coming Home) ==>  Acoustic-Ain-Pyan-Lah-May-Track-4-Pay-May-Yu-Mah-Lah-Album.m4a (771 downloads)

DEMO – 2008 – first version of “Pay May Yu Mah lah” for USA copyright submission. This raw single microphone recording is very different from how the actual final production turned out – but I still like it and the feeling and energy I get when I play the guitar. ==>  2008-Raw-Demo-for-copyright-pay-may-yu-mah-lah.mp3 (357 downloads)


U Jon Gyi’s 2006 beginning – Kay Sah Ma She bu (It Doesn’t matter) 

Where it all began! Because of US Sanctions I had to leave Myanmar and I wrote this song, a first for me. Later I would find out that Sanctions allow for “works of art” – So… I became U Jon Gyi and legally changed my name in 2016. I made my first music video for this song in Myanmar and it won “Best Music Video” in the Bare Bones Independent Music and Film festival in Muskogee Oklahoma.  These are my own compositions, performances, recordings and sound editing that I did in my home at that time in New York.

You can watch the video here ==>Kay Sah Ma She Bu  “Kay Sah Ma She Bu” means “it doesn’t matter”

Demo – Kay Sa Ma She Bu May 2006 ==>  Demo-Kay-Sa-Ma-She-Bu-May-2006.mp3 (210 downloads)

Final – Kay Sah Mah She bu final Sept 2006 ==>  Final-Kay-Sah-Mah-She-bu-final-Sept-2006.mp3 (223 downloads)